Harvest Service at St Mary's Church - Tuesday 15th October 2019 at 09:30 Parents' Evening - Tuesday 15th October 2019
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Roughlee Church of England Primary School

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FORS are dedicated to raising funds and building a wider community for our children, and we run various fundrasising events throughout the school year including our Summer Fair and (famous!) Ping Pong Plunge!

If you think you would like to get involved, please pop along to our next meeting, or speak to Rebekka (Upcoming dates will be on the weekly school Newsletter). Alternatively, you can email



FORS NEEDS YOU!!!!.........

FORS definitely needs YOU!!! Or at least as many hands on deck as possible. Fresh ideas and extra help are always welcome.

As of July, Rebekka won’t be able to take on the bulk of running FORS (due to two small people taking up her time/attention!!) we are looking for somebody to take over that role.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get involved. FORS MATTERS. It’s all about raising money to create special moments for our children.



Huge thank you to everyone who sold ping pong balls, fished them out of the river, and ultimately joined in with our annual event. Luckily the rain held off for us too!

The winners of this year's 'race' are:


PING PONG PLUNGE  (Winners: 2017)

1st Prize:  £20 Little Feet Voucher.  Ball number: 172. Gabriel Blanken

2nd Prize: Mrs Dowson’s Farm –Family Ticket.  Ball number: 147. Maia Blanken

3rd Prize: £10 Voucher –Roaming Roosters.  Ball number: 285. Kay McKenny


Thank You!

Huge THANK YOU to all the companies and local businesses who contributed and helped out with prizes for this this year's Raffle and Ping Pong Plunge at our annual Summer Fair.

We really couldn't run this event without you, so THANK YOU!!

Our Thanks go out to:

Little Feet, Barrowford

Mrs Dowson's Farm

Roaming Roosters

Nicholson's Butchers, Nelson

Morrisons, Nelson

Pendle Inn, Barley

Moonline School Clothing


Bowland Wild Boar Park

Energi Trampoline Park, Preston

Jump Works, Accrington

Giddy Kippers, Nelson

Farmhouse Biscuits, Nelson

SandCastle Waterpark, Blackpool

Inside Spa, Nelson

Pendle Leisure Trust

Catheanne Facial Aesthetics

And many more.....

Thank you also to friends and family who donated a vast array of wonderful prizes. It really does make a difference, and enables us to raise as much money as possible to be able to give back to our children and our school family.




Below is the list of areas we talked about at our last meeting. As always, if anyone needs further information, feel free to read and then shout if you have any ideas/input.




HUGE thank you to everybody who took part in our MATCHBOX CHALLENGE recently. All entries have been returned......with some amazing ideas!!!! It’s amazing what you can fit into a small space!

In total, we managed to raise £77.80 from this event which is brilliant. Huge thank you to Mrs Shuker for counting/checking!!

When we set this challenge, we did say that we would give out a small prize for the one that we felt was the most inventive or creative........ so news and a little prize will be making its way into school next week! Keep you posted!

But huge well done to all. And as always, every little bit we raise contributes to our pot....and contributes towards things for YOUR children.




1.Copper Challenge:

This is a challenge we have been talking about where the aim is for children to collect as much small change as possible over a certain (short!) timescale, and then bring it together and see if we have enough money/coins to lay them out around the school yard.

How much can we raise?? Will we have enough?!

*****NB: we are still intending to run this challenge, but have decided to postpone it slightly and run it later in the year.



2. SATS:

As you may be aware, next week sees the start of the SATs exams for our year 6 pupils. Year 2 will also be doing their SATs in June.

FORS would like to continue the gesture that we started last year, and present all of our teaching staff with a token of our appreciation (during an assembly?) for getting our children through this time. It’s nice to be able to give a little something back as a way of saying thank you.

(Date TBC)



3. End of Year Disco /Leavers’ Disco:

One event that FORS run each year is an end of year school Disco, with special recognition to our year 6 Leavers, who are set to make their way on the next step of their learning journey.

This is a FREE event that FORS pay for  (a way of seeing what your money goes towards), so with that we will organise the venue (Roughlee Village Centre), time, refreshments, etc.

Date TBC (although our DJ has already said yes!).

As many hands on deck for the night will as always will be appreciated.

At this disco, FORS also present our year 6 Leavers with a small gift to wish them well on their next step. These will be organised soon, but as an addition this year, we have decided to order a small book for each year 6 child, with the school logo on the front that they may share/keep and write in with their friends. A nice keepsake of their time at Roughlee.



4.End of year trip:

Ideas put forward last night include the possibility of FORS funding a small trip for the whole school at the end of the school year. **FURTHER DISCUSSIONS TO BE HELD**




This is our biggest event......and best fundraiser of the school year. And although we may be a small school, our efforts, and the generosity of others always pay off at this event. We are hoping that this year’s event will of course be our biggest and best yet. As always, the more we are able to raise, means the more money we can put into our fundraising pot.....which of course means the more that we can give back and put into YOUR CHILDREN.


So.... .....This year’s SUMMER FAIR will be held on SATURDAY 24th JUNE 2017 (at school) 11am-130pm.

Below is a list of stalls that we discussed being run at the event this year:

-Toy Stall

-Cake Stall

-Book Stall

-Lucky Dip

-Bottle Tombola


-Guess the name of the Teddy

-Ice Creams


-Pie and Peas

-Hot Dogs

-Face Painting

-Treasure Hunt


-Rota Kids (bake off!!)

-Live Music (provided by Mr Galea)


-Ping Pong Plunge


As always, we will soon be asking for donations towards this event, so letters will be heading home towards half term with special requests! The more we collect, the more money we raise!

Help of course comes in form of donations, but especially on the day. We will need as many hands on deck on the day itself to set up the event, and of course to run/manage stalls throughout the day. Please let Rebekka or Mrs Shuker know if you are able to help out. The more the merrier! Do not fear though -we will not tie you to a stall all day!!!........ any help throughout the day that you can offer is more than appreciated!


2 of the main elements of the SUMMER FAIR are our raffle and the famous Ping Pong Plunge.

As well as looking for donations towards our stall, we will be looking for the very generous donations from parents, friends, family and local businesses to support these parts.

We have been extremely lucky in the past to receive gifts for our prizes including vouchers, food and drink, and much more. With this in mind, if you know of/can think of a businesses that may be able to help us out with these events, please let us know. We have a log of businesses that we do approach, so if there are any you can think of, please speak to Rebekka or Mrs Shuker and then we can check who we have asked and so don’t overlap and make a nuisance of ourselves! The generosity of others serves us well and we are very grateful for all that we receive.

If you have any prizes, or can acquire any donations, then please may we ask that they are sent in to the school office so that we can collate as we go.

(NB: we also have a letter that we can send out to potential business/donators explaining our event and who we are -so if you could help us out and share this letter far and wide, please let us know).


On the day of the Summer Fair, we will be selling raffle tickets, giving people the chance to win our fabulous prizes. (NB: raffle to be drawn at the end of the fair).



This event has been part of Roughlee’s fundraising for over 20 years! So we of course love to continue that tradition and raise as much money for our children in doing so!


Nearer the time, each child will be given a sheet with numbers of a set of ping pong balls on. We ask that (where possible!) the ping-pong balls (numbers) are sold for 50p each.

(any remaining balls can be sold on the day).

On the day itself, our Ping Pong Balls are thrown into the river outside school (at the bridge), and the race is on to see which ball can make it downstream to the finish first! There will of course be prizes for the winning balls, with our many thanks to local businesses who support our event each year.

The beauty of this event is that should be stung by poor weather on the day, we can still run this part of the event inside school (rather than wading in the river!), and using the sold ping pong balls.

Last year’s winning prizes included £50 cash, and meal vouchers for the Pendle Inn, Barley. As the saying goes; “you have to be in it to win it!”.



SO- our main priority at the moment is preparation for the Summer Fair.  If there is anything you can help with, please get as involved as possible. The more hands, the merrier.


Thanks as always for your time and help.......



(If you think you can help in any way, please speak to Rebekka or email

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