Please note that school is shut to all children from 19th January 2021 until 1st February 2021. Please contact Miss Lord via the Bursar email if you need any information.
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Roughlee Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to the Junior’s Class Page!


We have 26 pupils in our junior class, who are taught by Miss Duxbury with the assistance of Mrs Southern. We have a mixed age class with pupils from year 3 to year 6. 


Welcome back KS2, I hope you've all been staying safe and well! It's exciting getting back into the classroom and going back to normal lessons again and establishing a daily routine. We have now resumed the normal timetable in our class with lots of fun lessons planned!


Topic- The Railways

The children will continue to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British history, establishing clear narratives within and across the periods they study by learning about the first trains and railways. They will be able to address and sometime devise historically valid questions about change, cause, similarity and difference and significance by learning about some of the most iconic steam trains of Britain. Also, note connections, contrasts and trends over time and develop the appropriate use of historical terms by learning how the railway network in Britain grew and spread over time.  



Year 3/ 4- Sound

In this unit children will work towards answering the Quest question, ‘How can we make different sounds?’ Children will identify and describe different sounds. They will learn that sounds are produced by vibrations and that these vibrations travel from the source of the sound through a variety of materials to the ear. Children will use musical instruments and household materials to investigate the range of ways of producing sounds and how the pitch and volume of a sound can be altered. They will have the opportunity to make sounds and will create a short soundtrack for a piece of film.

Year 5/6- Earth and Space

In this unit pupils will describe the movement of Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in our Solar System. They will describe the movement of the Moon relative to Earth and describe the Sun, Earth and the Moon as approximately spherical bodies. Pupils will use the idea of Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky. They will also have the opportunity to find out about how ideas about the solar system have developed and changed over time.



Children will receive English and maths homework every Friday, this is to be completed for the following Monday. Homework is always based on work children have been doing in school and set to suit their abilities. If something is sent home that a pupil needs more help with, please inform us on the Monday morning so we can do this.


Spellings and Times Tables

Spellings and times tables are set on Thursday and the children have their test on the following Thursday morning. Children write their spellings in their book and have time to practice in school during the week. They are given times table sheets (with times tables up to 12×) at the beginning of the year. They are to use this to practice at home. While children are given time to practice in school it is important they take the time to practice at home too.  


At Home Math Resources/Textbooks 

At home maths- these links allow you to access maths activities and text books for the different year group levels using your active learn login details.

When Santa came to visit!

Years 3/4 created their own Christmas stockings and years 5/6 created their own house flags!

We used our new sewing skills to create our snowmen Christmas cards!

We freeze-framed moments from the Genesis looking at the fall of man.

School Address

O Roughlee Church of England Primary School Blacko Bar Road, Roughlee, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 6NX UK