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 Welcome to the Junior’s Class Page!


We have 28 pupils in our junior class, who are taught by Miss Duxbury with the assistance of Mrs Southern. We have a mixed age class with pupils from Year 3 to Year 6. 



History- What was life like in Ancient Greece?

Let’s time travel back to ancient Greece and see what life was like then!

KS2 will be able to locate where Greece is on a map, knowing it’s capital and certain Greek islands. They will learn about what life was like for people of different classes in Ancient Greece and how cities were ruled. They will get to explore the different Gods and Goddesses and learn about the impact they had on daily life, also how they were the influence for the Roman Gods/Goddesses. We’ll explore the origins of the Olympics and look at how they have changed over time and brought back in the late 1800s.



LKS2 Plants:

This unit will teaches about everything the children need to know about plants. They will learn the names of different parts of plants, and the jobs they do. They will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate what plants need to grow well, and will present their findings to their classmates. Furthermore, they will have chance to predict what will happen in an exciting investigation into

the transportation of water within plants. They will work in a hands-on way to identify the parts of a flower, and will explore the different stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant.

UKS2 Earth and space:

The children will learn to describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as approximately spherical bodies and describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. They will be identifying scientific evidence that has been used to support or refute ideas or arguments. They will look at using the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky by examining why the sun appears to move and the arguments for the Earth’s rotation.



Children will receive English and maths homework every Friday, this is to be completed for the following Monday. Homework is always based on work children have been doing in school and set to suit their abilities. If something is sent home that a pupil needs more help with, please inform us on the Monday morning so we can do this.


Spellings and Times Tables

Spellings and times tables are set on Wednesday and the children have their test on the following Thursday. Children write their spellings in their book and have time to practice in school during the week. They are given times table sheets (with times tables up to 12×) at the beginning of the year. They are to use this to practice at home. While children are given time to practice in school it is important they take the time to practice at home too.


At Home Math Resources/Textbooks 

At home maths- these links allow you to access maths activities and text books for the different year group levels using your active learn login details.


Mental Health in Young People and Children

As part of our PSHE unit, the children had to select and research a current issue. They all chose to look at the increase in mental health issues in young people and explore reasons for this. They worked super hard in their groups to plan, write and then present their findings. 

We created our own toys and Easter cards

LKS2 completed created diagonal struts to strengthen frames, selected from a range of tools for cutting, shaping and joining and used tools accurately and safely.

UKS2 built wooden frames to support mechanisms and stiffened/reinforced their framework and cut accurately along a marked line.


They worked very hard to plan, design and create their toys and the results show this! 



What do plants need to grow and survive?


LKS2 created their own investigation to find out what plants need to grow and survive. They planted seeds and placed them in different places around school: in a cupboard with water, by the window with water, by the window without water and in the fridge with water (looking at temperature, light, and water). They found that plants need a certain amount of light, warmth and water to grow and survive.  

Testing pitch!

LKS2 created their own musical instruments and tested how the width and tightness of a band affected the pitch when it was plucked. They have also looked at how to change the pitch of a balloon being let down and when you blow over a bottle with water in. 

Flat Stan

The children learnt all about first aid and how to stay safe.

Christmas cards, stockings and house flags!

All of our KS2 children have created their Christmas cards with a snowman on the front. They looked super. Our LKS2 children worked very hard to sew and create their stockings and our UKS2 children worked hard to plan, design and create their own house flags. 

Shadow puppet and silhouettes!

LKS2 have been exploring the terms: opaque, transparent and translucent. They created shadow puppets using different materials for a desired effect. They also drew silhouettes to demonstrate their understanding that light is blocked by an object to create a shadow.  

Eye of the Wolf

UKS2 have been reading Eye of the Wolf and thinking carefully about the relationship that develops between Africa and Blue Flame. In this lesson, the children got into groups to role play the scene where Blue Flame and his family are fleeing the hunters as they have killed his father. They explored inference thinking carefully about what the characters were thinking and feeling at key moments. 

The Dragon Slayer

LKS2 looked at the problems the dragon slayer faced: take the baby dragons and save them, kill them or leave them to fend for themselves. They did a conscience alley thinking carefully about what he would be feeling and why, looking at the pros and cons of saving the baby dragons. Ultimately, they decided the right thing to do was to save and raise the babies! 


UKS2 looked at Earth's gravity and the pull it has taking objects down towards the ground. To help them visualise this, they used cardboard rolls to represent the earth, elastic bands to represent gravity and drew pictures of themselves being pulled back down by gravity.  

LKS2 car catapult experiment 

LKS2 have been exploring the forces of push and pull. They made predictions about how to get the toy car to travel further using the elastic band catapult and then concluded that the greater the force of pull on the elastic band, the greater the force of push on the car, meaning that it travelled further forward. They then plotted their results on a graph. 

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